Monday, November 20, 2006

My Record Book

        This is my Record Book. This is the space for my detailed medical history and growth information.

I can eat egg yolks now, but my doctor advice me to wait a year on the protein-rich whites because I may be allergic to them.

And how about my weight???

What 9 kgs?!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween @ SMB

Yesterday,mom and I went to SMB together with TitoNinong Jeff, TitaNinang Awu and Kuya Jarred. After a few hours of walking it made us hungry. So we decided to eat at Jollibee.

Sa Jollibee Bida ang Saya!!!

The french fries was so delicious that after my first taste, I looked for some more inside the box.. (*sigh*) wala na...

Wala na?

We went to Tom's World to play Wheel of Fortune and Basketball. We ride different cars, motorbike, merry-go-round and camel. Take a look at the pictures below:



Hey, careful!

It was a fun day, tiring and yet I was so happy. Wish my dad was here.

Good Night!